The following are the projects I have or had localized into various languages,


  • Hacks Guide Series
    • 3DS
    • Wii U
    • PSVita
  • musicXmatch
  • Birday
    • 🎂 A beautiful Kotlin app to remember birthdays and events without having to open Facebook, set alarms or rely on Google Calendar.
  • Detect it Easy
    • Detect It Easy, or abbreviated “DIE” is a program for determining types of files.
  • Stash
    • Media organizer, written in Go
  • Barinsta
    • Alternative client for Instagram
  • QrAndBarcodeScanner
    • QR & Barcode Scanner is an ad-free, open-source scanner app. It uses the ZXing scanning library.
  • DankChat
    • Alternative chat client for
  • ImprovedTube
    • YouTube improvement project
  • ykDroid
    • YubiKey challenge-response agent for Android
  • NClientV2
    • Dōjinshi viewer
  • substratum
  • Weather Timeline
  • Various Microsoft Docs articles