Infosec researcher, photographer, developer from Taiwan.

Who am I?

I am Still Hsu, a bilingual infosec researcher, backend developer, videographer, photographer, SFX post-production artist. I find interest in various different things in life. If something seems fun, then I’ll spend the rest of my life pursuing the said thing - and information security just happens to be one of them!

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🚩 CTFs & Events

As an information security enthusiast, I have attended numerous CTF events over the past few years. While I do not consider myself to be a veteran, the events I have thus far participated to have netted me much-treasured knowledge regarding everything infosec-related.

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💘 Love in Videography

I also love doing photography and videography during my spare time. In the last decade, I had worked with many professionals within the industry, along with various professional equipment. I am also a well-versed video editor who has been working in the field for over a decade.

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CTFs/Events Attended


  • Pingtung Hacker CTF Club
    • Teaching Assistant
    • 2018 ~ 2020
  • MOPCON 2019
  • AIS3 2019
  • AIS3 2020
  • HITCON CMT 2018
  • HITCON CMT 2019


  • CyCarrier BlueDojo
    • 🏆 1st
  • Zyxel KoTH Finalist 2020
    • 🥉 4th
  • MyFirstCTF 2019
  • AIS3 Pre-exam 2019
  • AIS3 Pre-exam 2020
    • 🥉 43rd
  • rgbCTF 2020
    • 🥉 53/1047
  • AUCTF 2020
    • 🥉 220/1184

Media Showcase